State College Estate Planning Attorneys

Your savings, home and other assets are a reflection of your hard work and careful planning. It is important to make sure that your final property and health care wishes are honored and that your loved ones are provided for upon your death.

By creating a comprehensive estate plan with the help of an accomplished lawyer, you are reassuring your loved ones that they will be cared for and supported in the event of your death or should you become incapacitated.

At the offices of Bower Law Associates in State College, Pennsylvania, we help our clients prepare wills, trusts and other legal documents that ensure their assets are distributed according to their wishes upon death. With more than 30 years of estate planning experience, we are well-versed in structuring trusts and other estate planning tools that help individuals minimize taxes when transferring wealth.

Have you accounted for life changes? If you already have an estate plan, it may need to be updated to accommodate changes that have occurred in your life such as new children or grandchildren, divorce, remarriage or the death of family members. Updating your estate plan provides clear direction for your wishes.

Peace Of Mind Provided By A Centre County Estate Planning Lawyer

Too often, estate plans are incorrectly viewed as financial planning tools for elderly individuals with substantial assets. In truth, the legal decisions that are put in place by a comprehensive estate plan are perhaps most important for young parents who are just beginning to raise their children.

We evaluate your situation, analyze your needs and any potential problems, and explain the full range of options available to you. This ensures that your estate plan is tailored to suit your specific objectives.

With our help and careful planning, you can:

  • Pass more of your assets to your heirs
  • Eliminate (or reduce) the federal estate tax
  • Ease the burdens of probate
  • Equitably distribute your assets in complex family situations
  • Provide for succession of a family-owned business
  • Provide durable power of attorney for financial and health care instructions should you become incapacitated

We have created estate plans for people in central Pennsylvania for more than 40 years. We are client friendly and will be easy to work with. We are happy to answer your questions, review your situation and recommend a course of action. Call 814-234-2626 or email us to schedule an appointment.